Pile it on. The Maytag® dishwasher will power it off and chew it up.

by Product Specialist

There’s no need for pre-rinsing with a Maytag® dishwasher. Between the 4-blade chopper and the high pressure jets, Maytag® dishwashers pulverize food that the wash system then clears away. Our industry's most powerful motor available* is tested at 2x the life of an average dishwasher.** And our stainless steel chopping blades, nylon racks and stainless steel tub are all backed by a 10-year Limited Parts Warranty.*** So you all of your dishes can get a dependable clean, wash after wash.

Ready for whatever you throw at them, Maytag® dishwashers clear away stuck on food using high-pressure spray jets, increased temperatures and steam. Great cleaning takes great power…and a soft touch. That’s why we’ve built our jets to deliver a high-pressure spray, with high-heat water, to blast away tough soils. And then our soft steam puts the finishing touch on a perfect clean. Giving you the right kind of clean, for all kinds of dishes.

Even if food is caked on or baked on, Maytag is knocking it off. It’s the best way to handle your worst messes.