Decorative Products

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All the major work is done to the house, now you need to tackle what we like to call the "polish" or the decorative products. It's those smaller items that just make the house look finished. Maybe it's the perfect pendant light to set off those new cabinets that were just installed in the kitchen. Whatever your "polish" may be, Northwest Home Gallery has what you're looking for, and then some.

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Today lighting your home is not just about illuminating the room; it's about bringing style and sophistication into a space. If your kitchen needs a little sizzle as well as more light while you work, you might want to consider a pendant light over your island. Add some wall sconces to illuminate a dark hallway; they'll also add a decorative element to those barren walls. Take your dining room to the next level with an elegant chandelier or mini chandelier; they are often the focal point of the room.

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Window Coverings

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Selecting the new window coverings comes down to what style, fabric and material will best serve your needs. Lighting control in horizontal blinds is easily achieved by tilting or turning the slats. Vertical blinds are a great choice for sliding glass doors and elongated windows. Both horizontal and vertical blinds come in a variety of materials. Cellular shades offer a wide choice of options for covering your windows, making them versatile and popular. Crafted from a honeycomb pleated fabric, these shades provide a pleasant look along with privacy and lighting control.

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Decorative Accessories

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